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  • December 08, 2019
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Having a jewelry is the most common thing in India. We buy jewelry for different reasons like for wedding purposes, for investment purposes and even sometimes buying jewelry on some occasions are considered auspicious. But Sometimes we all had that mind disturbing situation when a beautiful jewelry of us gets break due to high pressure of hands while wearing it or for any other unfortunate reason in such a way that it cannot be amended.
What to do now with the jewelry that we bought endearingly and with the hard-earned money? Jewelers are not going to pay you for that jewelry since it is broken and even if they pay then they will pay you lowest payout which won’t be in cash.
The most effortless way to sell your broken jewelry is KD GOLD.
KD GOLD is the best leading CASH FOR GOLD company that gives the highest payout for your gold, silver or diamond jewelry in cash and bank transfer instantly.
In KD GOLD, you don’t need to fix any appointment to sell your jewelry, instead of that you can directly go to one of our branches with your jewelry to cash it. It is very simple, easiest and less time-consuming process to sell your gold jewelry.

Below is the process to sell out your jewelry to KD GOLD: –

  • Simply take your jewelry to any center of our KD GOLD
  • KD GOLD experts will check the Karat and purity of your gold, silver or diamond jewelry in front of the customer.
  • After completing the purity test of your jewelry, they will show you the highest payout for that jewelry.
  • After having a mutual agreement between the expert and the customer, you will get the Cash for your jewelry or you can get it directly transferred to your bank for selling your jewelry.

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