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Tips How to Get Cash For Gold Near Me

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  • November 06, 2020
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Cash against gold is a much better option than a personal loan, if you are in possession of this precious metal. And it hardly matters whether the bullion is disfigured or discolored as gold always gets the top dollar price. With (Tips How to Get Cash For Gold Near Me )gold in your possession, getting cash against bullion will be a walk-in and walk-out job for you. One more thing to remember is that banks and financial institutions don’t deal in bullion buying hence you have to rely on a gold buyer near me for selling your gold. 

Find Trusted Gold Buyers -Tips How to Get Cash For Gold Near Me

Converting bullion into cash is more convenient and easier than getting a personal loan even from a leading bank. Just like you can search personal loan offers from various financial institutions including banks, you can search a trustworthy gold buyer. Just look for certified and/or registered buyers that follow standard guidelines for buying bullion. 

Tips How to Get Cash For Gold Near Me

There are a few factors you need considering before relying on a gold buyer. The first thing is the bill or invoice of the gold you want to sell. A genuine gold buyer in Delhi NCR will always ask for the original bill at the time of buying gold. He will insist on producing the original receipt of the gold piece you want to sell to dodge discrepancies like dealing in illegal bullion trade.

Know About Today’s Gold Price

if you lives in Delhi NCR then you can find the daily update Gold rate on KD GOLD with highest value for customer who wants to sell gold in Ghaziabad or looking for a Gold Buyer in Noida.

Tips How to Get Cash For Gold Near Me

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Gold prices keep changing so check here daily gold rate & Prices and for this reason, it is advisable to check latest gold price before going for selling the bullion. You should sell your gold pieces when the prices are highest or at least try getting maximum, if you want to sell bullion in a hurry. You can check gold prices on newspaper and online. 

Also, you should check gold prices with various buyers to find the highest paying buyer. Here it is necessary to mention that the return on investment depends on factors like purity of gold. If your gold is 916 hallmarked then it is 91.6% pure and will get highest price. And if it isn’t then the buyer will test purity of metal with acid testing or any other method like electrical conductivity and XRF testing. Also, there could be others factors to know how to get cash for gold.

Know the Basics of Gold Selling

Buying price of gold depends on the piece like jewellery, bar and coin. And the jewellery gets the least price because buyers are interested only in gold and not in the alloy mixed with gold for making jewellery. Also, the manufacturing and design charges are deducted from the actual price of the jewellery. But gold bar and coins could get a higher price but, in any case, it would never be 100% of the weight of the metal.

You can expect up to 70% price of your gold from a registered gold buyer in Noida and if you are offered a much higher price then you should take it as a red flag. It could be a fraud or a trap for buying gold for pennies. Cash against gold will be quick but it won’t be 100% in any case.

Know About Your Gold

Check whether your bullion is hallmarked or not. If yes then it is a win-win situation for you. But never mind, if it isn’t hallmarked as most people in India buy jewellery from local goldsmiths that don’t make hallmark jewellery. You can still get the best price for your gold pieces, if it is pure.

Things to know about your gold are its weight, present condition (broken, discoloured and disfigured) and age. All these factors will contribute to determining its market price. And the best way to determine weight, purity and age of your gold is to refer to its receipt. It is a must and every gold buyer in Delhi NCR should ask for receipt before buying gold. The receipt will give complete specifications about the gold. But never mind, if the receipt is lost as acid testing can provide complete details about quality, weight and age of bullion. 

Important Factors for Locating Trustworthy Gold Buyers Near Me

Just like other business, gold buyers are also available online. They have websites that they use as virtual shops where you can get an approximate price of your gold. And if you agree to the quoted price, you can even sell the gold online. But you need determining reliability of a gold buyer both online and offline before selling your gold to him.

1. Ask for References

Your family members or friends that have sold their gold for cash could recommend gold buyers. Also, they can share their experience with goldsmiths. They can tell you how they sold their gold without receipt and the price at which the gold was sold. You can try locating the right gold buyer near you with the help of references from friends and family members. 

2. Check Service Ratings of Gold Buyers

Buying gold is a legitimate business and gold buyers are certified and/or registered businesses. And it is necessary to mention that you must deal with a certified gold buyer near me only. Also, you should check service ratings of gold buyers provided by customers like you. If it isn’t a new business then the gold buyer will certainly provide client testimonials to substantiate his claim of better service.

3. Inspect websites

Visit website of a gold buyer and try finding answer to how to get cash for gold. If the site answers all your questions like the transparency of the buying process, deductions made, hidden charges, dealing with gold pieces without receipt, gold price offered and time taken in clearing the payment. Also, the site should open a window of communication for convenience of the sellers. 

4. Strategic location of gold buyers

It is convenient to sell your gold to a buyer available in your area and more preferably within walking or at least driving distance of your home. Gold buyers are available everywhere but those working from big cities like gold buyer in Delhi NCR , Gold Buyer in Noida, Gold Buyer in Ghaziabad, vashundhara, Vaishali give competitive prices because of stiff competition.

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