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Cash For Diamond

Among the many things you can do with your precious diamond ornaments is to sell your diamond jewelry online and get cash for diamond. And there are many reasons for converting this rare stone into cash you can use for anything. So, it can be said that you can become debt free by selling a pair of diamond earrings. Now it is an easy to find cash for Diamond with Kdgold.

Why to Sell Diamond with Kdgold for Cash

A diamond buyer in Delhi NCR will buy those rare stones lying unused in your bank locker or vanity box and give you cash amounting to the market value of your jewelry. With cash, you can buy new diamonds or something that is more precious and dearer to you like home.

How much cash against diamond could you get depends on the quality of your diamond that is size, weight and color. Like other commodities, diamond prices are also controlled by market. You will get the best price prevailing at the time of selling.


Demand for cash for diamond in Delhi NCR is higher than that of other areas because people are aware about the market value and uses of diamonds. They know their diamonds can bail them out of murky financial situations like escalating credit card bills, pending home loan installments, medical bills and other emergency expenses.



Q: Why KD Gold is the best place for cash for diamond?


A: KD Gold is a renowned name in jewelry industry. It is a buyer. Here you can sell your diamond for cash. People count on KD Gold because it follows best practices in diamond buying. 

Q: How do we evaluate your diamond jewelry?



A: Valuation of a piece of diamond is performed after considering all the important factors including color and size of a rare stone. And we involve 10x Lupe method to determine the right value of a piece of diamond. Our evaluators are qualified graduates from prestigious international universities.





At KD Gold, we buy multiple diamond articles and offer you the best price in return. Some diamond items are listed below:

Jewelry sets
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  • Our cabins are installed with CCTV s which offer complete safety to our customers
  • We first do the purity check and after that make sure that you get the best price for your diamonds
  • Once you decide to sell your diamonds and agree to the price mutually decided, we, then make sure that the further process of the transaction is carried out smoothly and trouble-free
  • After the final evaluation, we offer you cash, or you can also opt for cheque/RTGS/NEFT/IMPS

We always try to be the best support to you as possible

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We always try to be the best support to you as possible
We always try to be the best support to you as possible
We always try to be the best support to you as possible
We always try to be the best support to you as possible